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Looking for some great gear from Marshal Historical for your next historical reenactment? Check out Dark Knight Armourys selection. We are proud to offer a wide variety of items from this popular brand. You can find clothing, weaponry, armour, and more here. Need some steel armour to defend yourself in battle? We have helmets, cuirasses, elbow cops, full arm armour, gorgets, and more. They come in different sizes and gauges. Many pieces come in 14 and 16 gauge steel while others come in 18 gauge.

Make sure that you put on arming wear underneath your steel armour to protect yourself from sliding and pinching. We offer gambesons, padded coifs, and more from Marshal Historical. They come in different sizes so find what fits you. When you head into battle, you should make sure to have a weapon at your side. We offer daggers, axes, polearms, and more, so there is sure to something that will look great with your character or persona.

Do not forget to check out the clothing as well. There are tunics, shirts, tabbards, and other popular garments. Pick the color or size that you prefer. We also have leather boots, shoes, gloves, and gauntlets for you to look at. Accessories like leather bags are great for finishing off a look. After a fierce battle or a long day at a Renaissance faire, why not sit down and enjoy a medieval feast? We have multiple pieces of feastware such as cutlery sets. Marshal Historical offers a range of products, perfect for a reenactment. Make sure that you stop and check it out.


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