High Musketeer Boots



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These High Musketeer Boots are the next piece of your outfit to complete your look when holding a musket. They come in brown or black with a variety of sizes which up the ante the next time you are donning a historical get-up. The adjustable leather straps at the ankle of these boots make for a stylish accent and will have you feeling confident the next time you strut down the street. Our high quality leather boots fit up to the calf and are hand-made for a traditional look and feel. The Musketeer utilized a variety of gear for their outfits and their boots were a staple of the entire look. Great for a variety of costumes and reenactments, these boots are what youll want to be wearing the next time you line up on the battlefield.

Key Features:

  • Inspired by traditional Musketeer footwear
  • Durable handcrafted footwear
  • Adjustable leather straps for a customizable fit
  • Fits up to your calf
  • Great footwear for a variety of costumes and outfits


  • Made from high quality leather


  • Overall Height: 25.59 Inches
  • Please be aware that these size conversions are approximate, so exact sizing may differ slightly from what is listed.
  • These boots are not available in wide or narrow.


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