Gold Monocle


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A monocle was originally a single corrective lens designed for one eye. They also became a stylish accessory at one point. Now, the dapper Victorian gentleman or lady can have their own Gold Monocle for an extra air of sophistication. This particular monocle is not a prescription lens of any kind. It is simply a clear pane through which the looker can see, unrestricted. The monocle mimics a style that was popular with the rich and the elite. It features a gold colored wire frame with gallery. A gallery, in the case of a monocle, is a raised extension along the frame, which raises the monocle away from the eye, so that eyelashes and facial expressions are less likely to jar the monocle out of place. The monocle comes with an attached cord, so that it is not easily lost or dropped. Now, you too can mimic the fashion trends of the old world, with your very own Gold Monocle!

Key Features:

  • Gold-Colored Wire Frame
  • Fitted with a Single Clear Lens
  • Includes Carrying Cord


  • Frame made from metallic wire
  • Lens is acrylic


  • Diameter: 1.75 Inches


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