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Do not let the title fool you, as the Claus Steampunk Glasses are a striking choice of non-prescription spectacles that look great with a wide assortment of different looks and styles, helping to add a touch of sophistication to any ensemble. These classic specs feature octagon shaped lenses with rounded edges set in a gold wire frame with metal hinges. Rubber protectors sit on the ends of the ear pieces. When worn, the glasses are supremely comfortable, as they sit just on the nose without altering the wearers vision. Whether you are a Steampunk gentleman who simply wears stylish spectacles or a historical actor creating an authentic and accurate look, you will find that these Claus Steampunk Glasses are just the touch of style that can benefit virtually any and every costume.

Key Features:

  • Classic Victorian Style Spectacles
  • Golden Wire Frame with Metal Hinges
  • Fitted with Clear Lenses
  • Protectors Adorn the Ear Pieces
  • Perfect for Steampunk and Santa Claus Looks


  • Frame made of light metal
  • Lenses are acrylic
  • Protectors are rubber


  • One Size Fits Most


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