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Goggles and other ocular devices provide a key element of steampunk fashion, worn by airship captains, engineers, aviators, and everyday citizens. Due to the prevalence of steam technologies in this retro-futuristic universe, steampunk goggles serve an important purpose as well as iconic style. We offer a wide array of steampunk goggles, as well as other accessories like steampunk monocles and steampunk glasses. Many of the Neo-Victorian goggles offered here resemble welding goggles or aviator goggles, showing off unique decorations and add-ons like functional LED lights, different colored lenses, and magnifiers. Our Victorian monocles and other period eyewear suits steampunk gentlemen and ladies perfectly, adding a great finishing touch to any look. Sure to complement any steampunk costume, our steampunk costume eyewear will definitely impress!


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