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In a world were steam rules, goggles aren’t just a fashion statement, but also a safety feature that all citizens need. And these Black Steampunk Goggles are just the necessary accessory that any Steampunk citizen would chose to protect their eyes. Just because they’re a necessary safety precaution, though, doesn’t mean that they can’t also be rather stylish. These goggles are equal parts protection and appeal, featuring simple black frames with round, tinted lenses and textured sides. They also feature an elastic band that wraps around the head to secure the goggles comfortably in place. These simple goggles are available in one size, which fits most adults and older teens. And thanks to the goggle’s tinted lenses, these goggles not only provide protection from steam emissions and potential machine failures, but they also shield your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays a bit, which could be a welcome thing when you’re flying the cloudless skies. No Steampunk costume can truly be called complete until it has a pair of goggles, so if you find yourself short one pair of goggles, add the Black Steampunk Goggles to your look and be amazed at how well a pair of simple goggles can pull a style together so effectively.

Key Features:

  • Traditional Steampunk Styled Goggles
  • Features Dark, Tinted Lenses
  • Elastic Headband is Adjustable for Comfort
  • Provides Protection to Eyes from Weather
  • A Great Accent to All Manner of Steampunk Styles
  • Looks Great with Other Contemporary and Historical Looks Too


  • Crafted from High-Quality Plastic


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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