Costume Hats

We never underestimate the power of costume hats at our shop. Time and time again, a good costume hat has proven to be the ultimate accessory in changing a costume for the better or a bad costume hat changing it for the worst. A good costume hat, when applied to an appropriate costume and look, is not only eye-catching, but it helps to draw attention away from some of the subtler flaws that might exist in your costume, whereas a misplaced or poorly designed costume hat will ultimately look like a massive flaw in appearance and judgment that will constantly draw undue attention. Thus, if you find yourself looking for a good costume hat, you should find yourself in the vicinity of our costume hats section. And while we do not necessarily carry bad costume hats, you should always remember that if miss-matched to the wrong costume, any costume hat can be bad. So browse our costume hats carefully, keeping in mind which ones are appropriate for pirates and which ones are appropriate for other uses and you will not find yourself wearing a bad costume hat at all unless you deliberately chose to.


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