Rubber Warlord Helmet


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Looking for a lightweight and low-maintenance addition to your barbarian costume? Be sure to check out Rubber Warlord Helmet and add it to your costume. Made from latex rubber, this silver-colored helmet is lower maintenance than a leather or steel helmet. It is also lighter in weight. This helmet has a distinctive look. Two horns stick out of the top of the helmet, one on each side. Next, there is a central strip running down the middle of the helmet and one around the sides of the helmet. These strips join in front with a skull accent. Spikes adorn both strips in addition to faux rivets. They also have a worn texture. Running down the lower half the helmet are smaller strips, also with faux rivets. The Rubber Warlord Helmet works great with a variety of fantasy personas for any cosplay event. Wear it to a convention.

Please note that the helmet stand shown does not come included.

Key Features:

  • Horned design
  • Lightweight construction
  • Low-maintenance
  • Wonderful for a variety of characters
  • Great for cosplay


  • Made from latex rubber


  • Length: 11 Inches
  • Width: 9 Inches
  • Height: 9 Inches
  • Circumference: 25.5 Inches
  • Weight: 8 Ounces

Measurements are approximate.


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