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Pirates were not the only ones who wore hats like the Deluxe Tricorn Hat. In fact, this style of hat was popular with all manner of sailors, as the shape was convenient and comfortable, as well as effective at keeping water out of a sailors face. This hat is a simple black tricorn, which consists of a circular crown with a wide brim that is been turned up and pinned to the hats crown, creating a triangular shaped hat that helps to funnel water and rain away from a sailors face. This hat is made entirely from black fabric, and it features decorative yellow-gold trim along the upturned brims edges. This Deluxe Tricorn Hat would make a great addition to any sailors costume, whether it happens to be sailor in Her Majestys Royal Navy, the Spanish Armada, or a pirate ship out of the isle of Port Royal.

Key Features:

  • A Simple Sailors Hat
  • Hosts Classic Tricorn Shape
  • Features Yellow-Gold Trim Along the Brim
  • Looks Great on All Manner of Pirate or Sailor Costumes and Ensembles
  • Fantastic for Halloween, Renaissance Fairs, Stage Productions, Pirate Gatherings and More


  • Made from Hardened Felt Fabric
  • Made from Hardened Black Fabric

Head Circumference
One Size23.5 inches


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