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Spectacles and Monocles are not just for correcting vision; once upon a time, they were actually worn as stylish accessories by gentlemen of status and note. We bring you a selection of spectacles and monocles, so that you can do the same today. Our monocles are based on an antique and classic design that replicates the pieces worn by the gentry of an era that has long-since passed. They are a stylish and intriguing accessory to add to any Victorian or Steampunk costume, serving to add a subtle touch of class that is difficult to achieve with any other accessory. And our spectacles bring their own touch of style to the table, helping to create a scholarly, educated look that is almost unparalleled. And perhaps the best part about our monocles and spectacles is that they are all extremely well-priced; almost anyone can find room in their budge for at least one of our attractive eye-pieces. And do not worry about any of our eye-pieces messing up your vision; each monocle and spectacle is non-prescription. Our eye-pieces are available in a select few styles, and what styles we have, mesh well with almost any look. So if you want to add a touch of class, education, and refinement to your look whether its Victorian, Steampunk, or medieval then you almost cannot go wrong with a good monocle or pair of spectacles.


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