Cleaver Sword

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Mmm, fresh meat! Monsters got you down? Not anymore they do not, because this Fantasy Cleaver Sword will make short work of any beastie in your path, whether it’s goblin, kobold, giant, troll, orc, werewolf, vampire, zombie, or anything else that might assail you from the pages of horror, fiction, or fantasy!

Just because it comes from fantasy does not mean that it is ineffective. In fact, you will find that this Fantasy Cleaver Sword is quite the opposite, as this mean looking blade is every inch a brutal sword that looks capable of hewing limbs with ease! While we don’t recommend using our swords as limb-lopping weapons, The Cleaver Sword is one serious piece of steel, and the unique and distinctive shape of this sword’s blade sets it firmly in the realm of fantasy. 

Crafted entirely in blackened stainless steel and features numerous cut-outs to help mitigate its weight, the Cleaver Sword isn’t as nearly as  heavy a sword as you might think. In fact, it’s surprisingly quick in skilled hands, capable of being wielded to great effect. The sword’s edge has a gentle curve, similar to a chef’s knife, which makes it shockingly effective, while the base of the blade features gentle, curved serrations, both on front and back. The little notch at the base of the blade is both decorative and practical, as it helps keep viscera from sliding down onto the hands if the blade should ever be put to more gruesome use. This gruesome Cleaver Sword is full-tang and the all-metal hilt is wrapped in red faux leather to provide a secure grip. Included with the sword is a black nylon sheath. 

No one’s going to mess with you if you’ve got this Cleaver Sword at your side! And sure, our Cleaver Sword is impressive, but that’s not the only weapon we have in our arsenal! Dark Knight Armoury has all sorts of swords, blade weapons, and other types of equipment. We offer garb, armor, accessories, jewelry, and even home decor. If you want to hang your cleaver sword up on the wall above the mantelpiece we’re more than happy to help turn your own domain into a well-protected fortress. 

Key Features:

  • Completely Decorative
  • Steel is Finished with a Black Matte Coloration
  • Sword is Shaped Roughly Like a Large, Long Chef’s Knife
  • Full Tang Construction Provides Strength and Durability
  • Red Faux Leather Wrapped Grip Provides Strength, Comfort, and a Solid Hold
  • Includes a Nylon Sheath for Easy Storage and Carrying


  • Blade is made from stainless steel


  • Overall Length: 28 Inches
  • Sword Thickness: 3mm


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