Fantasy Master

Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a selection of Fantasy Master weaponry. We offer daggers, knives, swords, and even bladed staffs. These weapons often feature stainless steel construction. The weapons are also often decorative.

Next, some of the Fantasy Master weapons come with stands or plaques. This allows them to be put on display in your home or office. They are great display pieces, sure to be showstoppers in any weaponry collection. There are other weapons that have nylon sheaths, swords for example. The weapons feature a wide variety of influences. Some may have designs inspired by feudal Japan or medieval Europe. For example, the Fantasy Master swords may have inspiration from short swords and katanas, while the knives or daggers feature a Celtic design. Many of the designs take these influences and give them a more modern twist. There are other influences as well. For example, gothic designs with skulls or fantasy ones with dragons are also common. Some of the designs have an all-black look with colored highlighting. Red or green highlighting is popular.

The Fantasy Master weapons also come in different shapes and sizes. Some swords are two-handed, while others may have a single-hand grip. The daggers can range from spearpoint, double-edged blades to wavy blades. There are also ring blades as well. The bladed staffs can separate into two weapons or stay as a single weapon. Stop and make sure that you check out the great array of decorative weaponry on offer from Fantasy Master. We are proud to offer this wonderful selection to you.


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