Charles de Blois 14th Century Gambeson


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When it comes to the world of historical reenactments or the fantastical realms of LARP and cosplay, the Charles de Blois 14th Century Gambeson is your key to unlocking immersive experiences with its blend of historical accuracy and practical design. Drawing inspiration from the armor worn by the French noble, Charles de Blois, this gambeson serves as a touchstone to the medieval era, offering enthusiasts a piece that is as genuine as it is enchanting.

Made from 100% cotton with polyester padding, this medieval arming wear promises both durability and comfort, whether you are on the battlefield or showcasing your ensemble at a theatrical production. Its vertical quilting on the arms and lower half of the torso is not only authentic but provides an added layer of protection and warmth, reminiscent of the actual armor pieces of the era.

Mobility and Fit

Understanding the dynamic needs of reenactors and cosplayers, the Charles de Blois Gambeson is designed with mobility in mind. Extra fabric near the armpits allows for a full range of arm movement, crucial for wielding weapons or engaging in dramatic gestures.

The long sleeves and short standing collar add to the authenticity of the piece, while the front fastens with a row of fabric-covered buttons, ensuring a secure and adjustable fit. Available in six sizes, this gambeson is tailored to suit an array of characters and body types.

The gambeson also features slits at the center hem, a practical addition that enhances mobility, allowing wearers to move freely and comfortably, be it in combat or performance. This ensures that the Charles de Blois Gambeson is not just a costume, but a piece of history brought to life, enabling a full-bodied experience of the medieval world in contemporary settings.

Your Companion in History and Adventure

Whether you are a seasoned historical reenactor, an avid LARPer, a cosplayer, or a performer seeking an authentic medieval look, the Charles de Blois 14th Century Gambeson is designed to elevate your portrayal. Its historical basis, coupled with modern craftsmanship, makes it an ideal and versatile garment that suits a variety of characters from knights to nobles, offering an authentic look for any event.

In choosing the Charles de Blois 14th Century Gambeson, you are not just selecting a costume. You are investing in a piece of history, a tool for storytelling, and a companion in your adventures through time.

Key Features:

  • Historical Accuracy: Inspired by the authentic armor of Charles de Blois, offering a genuine medieval experience.
  • Design for Mobility: Extra fabric at the armpits and slits at the center hem allow for unrestricted movement, perfect for combat or performance.
  • Authentic Quilting: Features vertical quilting on the arms and torso, providing additional protection and an authentic look.
  • Size Availability: Comes in six different sizes, fitting various characters and body shapes.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for historical reenactments, LARP, cosplay, and theatrical productions, enhancing the authenticity of medieval portrayals.


  • Handmade from 100% cotton
  • Padding is polyester

Care Instructions:

  • Handwashing this item is recommended. Do not dry in the dryer. Do not bleach.
Chest CircumferenceOverall LengthSleeve LengthShoulder Width
Medium43.3 inches31.1 inches28 inches12.4 inches
Large44.9 inches31.9 inches29.5 inches12.6 inches
X-Large47.2 inches32.7 inches29.1 inches12.6 inches
XX-Large49.6 inches33.1 inches29.9 inches13.4 inches
XXX-Large52 inches34.25 inches30.7 inches14.2 inches


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