Marto Swords

Marto was founded in 1961 in the old district of Toledo, Spain to regain the testimony and the techniques of the sword master-craftsman. Marto brings back to life the original art of the sword, joining traditional handicraft with modern materials by a team of men willing to make a daily effort to achieve the unsurpassed quality. Marto swords are by far the biggest, best, and most reputable decorative swords in the world. No where else will you find more beautiful and well made swords. They provide the props for movies and television when the entertainment industry needs a fine quality blade. You’ve seen Marto swords in movies like Highlander, Brave-Heart, and Excalibur to name a few. Marto makes their swords from 420 stainless steel. These swords are truly a work of art, create your own display with these beautiful Marto swords.


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