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Fire and blood. Of all the noble houses in Westeros, House Targaryen may have originally been one of the most powerful. Hailing from Valyria and having escaped its Doom, House Targaryen first came to Westeros and later conquered its lands to forge the Seven Kingdoms. And now, you can show your support by browsing our Shop for House Targaryen section! Known also as Dragonmasters, the Targaryens conquered the kingdom through the might of their dragons. Targaryen lineage was prone to madness, though, and an eventual rebellion spelled the end for their rule and most of their family line. Even now, only a few Targaryens remain, and one Daenerys, seeks to return to Westeros, to rule her familys ancestral holdings. And more impressive, she is mother to three dragons, which can no doubt aid her greatly in her task. We offer a number if accents, all of which feature the Targaryen standard – a great three-headed red dragon. pint glasses, shot glasses, coasters, statues, and more all make for great pieces of home decor, while a good Targaryen t-shirt makes for fantastic casual wear. The blood of the dragons is a rare thing, but thanks to this Shop for House Targaryen section, items connected to House Targaryen are not nearly so uncommon!


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