Men's Pirate Clothing

Play the part of a true swashbuckler with our men’s pirate clothes. Whether your pirate persona is devious or dashing is up to you, but you will certainly need the perfect clothes to add a touch of realism to your character. Here you will find all the clothing items you need to complete the look of a badass pirate.

Transform into a Formidable Pirate King

Start your outfit with a pirate shirt and pirate breeches or pants. We offer high-quality men’s buccaneer shirts in a variety of styles and fabrics, including ruffled-sleeve shirts, satin shirts, and essential lace-up pirate shirts. Then you can add a pirate vest and a pirate coat to your ensemble to create the look of a fearsome pirate captain.

Shop at Dark Knight Armoury for Your Pirate Costume

Want to stand out among the many party goers dressing up? Be sure to check out Dark Knight Armoury for your costume needs. A lot of our buccaneer clothes also overlap with traditional medieval or Renaissance styles, so no matter the kind of pirate you are, you will have the right outfit that will help you play your character more convincingly. Shop our extensive collection of men’s pirate clothing, footwear, and accessories for your next pirate festival, theatrical performance, reenactment, or Renaissance fair.


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