Elf LARP Weapons

In LARP battle, when you fight as a fierce elven warrior, you will need a weapons. Shop the Elf LARP Weapons at Dark Knight Armoury. Our LARP weapons are either latex free foam or latex foam. There are many LARP weapons and shields to choose from. We have fantasy swords, spears, daggers, throwing weapons, and more.

Many of our elven weapons feature graceful curves and details. The curves are prominent along the blades of the fantasy weapons, including LARP axes. Some of our foam weapons look right at home in the hands of a dark elf, while others better suit a high elf or woodland elf. Many of our elven LARP weapons come from different popular brands, such as Calimacil, Epic Armoury, Mytholon, and more.

Our fantasy LARP weapons come in a range of sizes. Some pieces are taller than others, allowing you to pick what best suits you. For example, you could choose to wield a long axe or one of our elven LARP throwing knives. Our throwing knives are available in a range of colors. We also have LARP throwing rocks. Another option is one of our elegant-looking elven daggers.

Do not forget to protect yourself with one of our elven LARP shields. They feature a range of different designs. Some have the appearance of leather, while others have a vibrant coloring. These pieces have straps or handles on the back for ease of carrying and wielding in LARP battle. Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a great range of elf LARP weapons for you to choose for heading into battle.


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