Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we have a wide array of elven gear that is great for the home, faire, festival, or the battlefield. We are sure to have something that catches your eye. If you are looking to take to battle as an elven warrior, check out our selection of elf weapons, archery equipment, and LARP weapons. There are functional elven swords and spears as well as decorative weapons. Many of our weapons are licensed pieces of LOTR merch. They allow you to look like the warriors of Tolkien’s works.
In addition to grabbing a piece of elven weaponry, you can gear up with our elven armour. From leather to steel, there are multiple pieces in various styles for you to choose from. The pieces cover you from head to toe. They come in various styles for high elves, dark elves, and more.

Add some elven clothing to complete your look. There are various styles, materials, and garments to choose from. You can become a woodland elven ranger or an elegant elven princess. We also have elf jewelry pieces as well as crowns and tiaras. They are great for finishing off noble elf look. If you would rather enjoy some elven style at home, then take a look at our home decor and gifts selection. These pieces of home decor range from statues to wall decor, ornaments, and more. No matter what elf-themed item that you are searching for, we are sure to have something that suits your fantasy aesthetic. We have some great licensed LOTR elf pieces. Check out our great range of fantasy elf products.

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