Elf Tiaras and Crowns

Complete your look and transform into an elven princess or elf noble with one of our Elf Tiaras and Crowns. Our selection of elven headpieces works for a wide range of elven aesthetics. From light elves to dark elves, these pieces look great with many different fantasy outfits and costumes. Most of our elven tiaras are electroplated copper. They usually feature rhinestones, adding sparkle to any look. Some depict leaves, while other nature-themed tiaras showcase butterflies or other creatures instead. Attached combs often help secure these fantasy tiaras in place.

Regardless of which fantasy crown or elven tiara you choose, you can become your own version of an elven princess. Think of characters like Arwen or an elven king like Thranduil. It becomes much easier to dress up as a noble elf from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit. Our elven tiaras allow you to attain a noble look that looks perfect for any noble court. Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we are proud to offer all kinds of elven headdresses and crowns. They are perfect for wearing to a Renaissance faire, fantasy festival, or a LARP event. The sparkly style of our elven pieces will grab the attention of your friends and fellow fans of fantasy. Our elven tiaras and fantasy crowns await you.


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