Elf Ears Costumes and Accessories

Do you want to become an elf for Halloween, a costume party, a Ren faire, or LARP event? Shop our Elf Ears, Costumes, and Accessories category. You can find a great selection of elven pieces here at Dark Knight Armoury. We have elven costumes as well as costume accessories. Our fantasy costumes include LOTR and Hobbit-themed designs. We also offer some wigs, specially intended for certain Lord of the Rings characters. We have costume prop weapons perfect for looking like a Tolkien character. This range of options allows you to transform into your favorite elven character from Tolkien’s works such as Arwen or Legolas for example.

Whether you are wanting to become your favorite fantasy character or an original character, you should make sure that you look at our elven ears. No elf should be without a pair of pointed ears completely their look. Our pointed elf ears are often latex. They work for a variety of elven aesthetics. We have pointed ears that work for dark elves and other kinds of elves. Also, we have larger ears and smaller pointed ears. When you want to add the ears to your head, then use some of our Spirit Gum. We also have some Spirit Gum remover for easily removing the ears when you are done with your look. If you are looking for a more macabre elven theme, then check out our elf trophy masks. Many of our elven ears and elven masks are from the highly popular brand Epic Armoury. Make sure to check out the Elf Ears, Costumes, and Accessories category at Dark Knight Armoury.


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