Elf Weapons

Looking for an elven sword to wield in battle or a fantasy spear to decorate your wall? Shop our Elf Weapons category at Dark Knight Armoury. From elven daggers to fantasy spears and much more, we have a great selection to choose from. You can choose between functional elf weapons and decorative elven weaponry. There are licensed elven weapons from Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit as well as fantasy pieces inspired by Tolkien’s works. These LOTR merch items allow you to become your favorite elven character, such as Arwen or Thranduil. Our elven weapons allow you to become an elf hero or heroine in your personal story.

Besides our licensed LOTR weapons, we have other steel weapons, perfect for any elven warrior or ranger. Our selection includes but is not limited to swords, daggers, and spears. Many of our elven weapons feature the sleek style stereotypical of fantasy elves. There are also pieces that have a strong, weighty-looking appearance. These elven weapons are sure to intimidate any enemy facing you on the battlefield. Our decorative elvish weapons make great decor pieces and collectibles. Some of them are LOTR items. Others have a distinctively elvish appearance. In addition, some even come with plaques for display. When you check out the Elf Weapons category, there is sure to be something at Dark Knight Armoury that will catch your eye. Take down your enemy on the battlefield or transform your space into an elven warrior’s oasis with one of our steel fantasy weapons.


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