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Camping is a practice as old as man itself. We are pleased to offer you a variety of alternative collectibles, all geared towards the ancient practice of camping. Many of the items you’ll find here are modeled after actual historical replicas that would have been used by various cultures when surviving the wild. Numerous cultures would have braved the wild for a number of reasons, but few were as wide-spread as the Romans, particularly the Roman armies. Thus, many of the pieces and accessories you see here in this Camping Gear Category are of Roman design, mimicking the tools, utilities, and devices that Roman soldiers and legionnaires would have favored whenever they were forced camp during long marches away from home and civilization. Of course, you’ll find other cultures’ camping gear here, too, including items from Vikings, Celts, and other such well-traveled peoples. You can expect to find canteens, fire pits, pots, pants, stoves, and even drinking horns here. So long as it fulfilled a basic human need, you’ll find an item here that facilitated the acquisition of that need. Whether you’re a camping enthusiast just looking for a great little collectible or an actual camper who wants to do things in a really old-fashioned way, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here in our Camping Gear category.


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