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Nothing is quite so reminiscent of the witch as her black cauldron. This Medieval Cauldron echoes that infamous piece of cookery, offering plenty of size for creating large batches of stew and sauce, as well as plenty of character for your decor, too. This large pot is crafted entirely in iron, and it has a fully functional design that can be put to use over campfires, fire pits, and fire places, where it can brew and cook up some truly appealing delights. It has a sort of bewitching character to it as well, possessing a more realistic take on the black cauldrons so commonly seen as a witches cooking companion. Riveted bands reinforce the sides of this cauldron, while a twisted metal grip attaches to the sides, offering a good handle for holding and a small dip in the top for hanging the cauldron from a tripod stand. Set on the fire or hung over it, this Medieval Cauldron is a campers best friend for making large batches of anything, as well as a more realistic cauldron for a witch to own, use ,and cook with, too.

Key Features:

  • An Iron Camping Cook Pot
  • Ideal For Cooking Wet Foods Over an Open Flame
  • A Spherical Pot for Frying, Stewing, and More
  • Features a Rotating Handle for Easy Hanging
  • An Ideal Medieval or Modern Camping Accessory
  • A Must-Have for Outdoor Enthusiasts
  • Also Mildly Similar to the Classic Black Witchs Cauldron


  • Top Diameter: 18 Inches
  • Pot Depth: 9 Inches
  • Volume: 29 Liters


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