Sword Canes

The sword cane, or sword-stick, has been around for quite some time. They go back as far as the Roman days, to the dolon, and were even in use in Japan, as the shikomizue. And now, it is a weapon that you can wield in the modern world, because Dark Knight Armoury carries a number of sword canes that are fully functional and great for use in sparring and self-defense. In fact, self-defense is an array in which these weapons typically excel, thanks to their convenient shape and their unassuming appearance. Most will not even realize what they are facing until you have drawn the blade. Our sword canes come in a variety of different shapes and styles, including casual city sticks and swagger sticks that are perfect for a modern gentleman to carry as an accessory to his style, as well as for the gentleman or lady who needs a little support when it comes to walking a great deal. Many of our sword canes feature solid, rigid shafts that double over as weapons themselves, allowing for you to strike with them as easily as you would a staff or a fencing cane, and many also feature reinforced blades that serve well when it comes to piercing strikes. They are also insanely quick to deploy - some require a button press to release the blade, while others demand just a solid twist and pull on the knob to free the blade from the cane-like sheath. And since they come from such manufacturers as CAS Iberia, Cold Steel, and Hanwei, you know that these sword canes are going to be hardy, effective, and deadly - should the situation call for it. So if you plan on enjoying the city nights or strolling the block alone, make sure you have got the support you need, as well as the protection you deserve, in the form of one of Dark Knight Armourys highly effective sword canes.
Aluminum Head Sword Cane by Cold Steel
The Aluminum Head Sword Cane comes with a removable 6160 aluminum head. It features a fiberglass carbon fiber composite shaft that is virtually unbreakable and can be used as a weak hand parrying tool or an emergency bludgeon.
Price: $240.00
On Sale For: $192.00
Assassin Bird Sword Cane
Twilight came early in Victorian London as the assassin emerged from an alcove. Drawing the concealed blade from her Assassin Bird Sword Cane, she buried it in the neck of the grifter, who dropped behind his cart with a muffled thud.
Price: $23.90
On Sale For: $21.51
Bird-Dog Sword Cane
Our Skull and Bird Dog Sword Canes are beautifully crafted, making either a sight to see. The fiberglass shaft of the Skull Cane allows for a slim profile, while the rosewood shaft of the Bird Dog cane makes for a classic appearance.
Price: $210.00
Buffalo Horn Sword Cane
Extremely attractive, with affluent styling, the contoured, buffalo horn adds to the refined appearance and makes for a very comfortable handle on this sword cane. The fit and finish will surely make you the envy of the other chaps.
Price: $125.00
Captain Nemo Sword Cane
The antihero of Jules Vernes Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea attempts in vain to hide the darker parts of his person. With the Captain Nemo Sword Cane, you can hide your weapon of self-defense any time you venture out on land.
Price: $119.00
Carbon Fiber Cane Sword with Hidden Dagger
For the modern gentleman who walks a fine line of risk and adventure, the Carbon Fiber Cane Sword with Hidden Dagger is the ideal choice for a refined, discrete way to add protection to everyday life for when things become uncivilized.
Price: $459.00
Carbon Fiber Cane Sword with Hidden Switch Dagger
On the rare occasion, a situation will arise when a gentleman must get his hands dirty. Who said you cannot do that and more while keeping your elegant style? With the Carbon Fiber Cane Sword with Hidden Switch Dagger, now you can!
Price: $499.00
Celtic Knot Sword Cane
Walking along the street has never been so stylish or so deadly than with the Celtic Knot Sword Cane. This cane displays an aluminum handle with Celtic knot and triquetra designs, all polished to a mirror shine.
Price: $29.90
On Sale For: $26.91
Damascus Axios Kit Rae Sword Cane
A suave and debonair gentleman can never be too cautious when it comes to personal defense. For those who want something innocuous yet stylish, this Damascus Axios Kit Rae Sword Cane does not disappoint.
Price: $292.00
Damascus Taiji Sword Cane with Knife
The tradition of the sword cane originates from a time when carrying a dress sword became unfashionable or even illegal. Our Damascus Taiji Sword Cane with Knife possesses all the accoutrements of a high society sword.
Price: $609.00
Dragon Sword Cane
There is classy, there is dangerous, and then there is dangerously classy. Be dangerously classy with the Dragon Sword Cane. On the outside, it is a classy cane with a dragons head handle, but hidden within is a deadly blade.
Price: $25.00
On Sale For: $22.50
Gamblers Sword Cane
This unique cane could have easily been found on the Riverboats of the Mississippi or the back gambling rooms of London during the late 1800s. The sturdy construction of this Gamblers Sword Cane makes it perfect for everyday use.
Price: $180.00
Dragontail Cane Sword
The last time you saw a sword cane like this was in a movie. Our Gold and Silver Dragon Cane Sword is designed to inspire shock and awe with its two-toned dragon design. This dual-purpose cane can double as a sword for self-defense.
Price: $23.90
Gold Axios Forged Sword Cane
Anyone on the market for an exceptional sword cane should make sure to check out our Gold Axios Forged Sword Cane. This functional sword cane features meticulous detailing from its etched, double-edged blade to the L-shaped handle.
Price: $327.00
Golden Dragon Sword Cane
With a marvelous walking staff like this Golden Dragon Sword Cane in your hand, many people are bound to become envious. But you should not worry, because if anyone ever tries to steal it away, you can just pull out the hidden blade!
Price: $27.90
On Sale For: $25.11
Hammer Style Sword Cane
Is there a better way to announce your arrival than knocking? Knock on any door in style with a Hammer Style Sword Cane. A fearsome duo of weapons, the handle of this cane acts as a hammer while a sword blade hides within.
Price: $39.90
On Sale For: $35.91
Heavy Duty Sword Cane
There are few weapons that can be put into action faster than our sword canes. Just give the handle firm tug and the blade will literally leap into your hand, making this Heavy Duty Sword Cane a great personal defense.
Price: $150.00
On Sale For: $120.00
Honshu Sword Cane
Make sure you are always discreetly protected should you ever be in harms way with a sturdy and sharp sword cane. Designed for swift and effective self-defense, this Honshu Sword Cane features a sleek design and a hidden blade.
Price: $162.00
Jolly Roger Cane Sword
If you are not paying attention, you will never see it coming. Our Jolly Roger Cane Sword has a brass knob that features the ghastly iconic pirate image and hidden within this decorative walking cane houses a stainless steel sword.
Price: $23.90
Knob Sword Cane
The grip and pommel head are solid aluminum and balance the blade nicely. The shaft is seamless aluminum. The Knob Cane is your great chance to own the sword-cane that was featured in the blockbuster film Batman Begins.
Price: $90.00
Lion Head Victorian Sword Cane
Mentioned throughout Victorian literature and carried by Dr. Watson in his screen adventures, this side-arm makes a beautiful personal accessory. The Lion Head Victorian Sword Cane displays a detailed design and quality construction.
Price: $95.00
Medieval Fleur de Lis Sword Cane
As there is always someone out for their heads, the highest ranking nobles must constantly stay protected. This Medieval Fleur de Lis Sword Cane is a way for lords and ladies to defend themselves in a sophisticated and stealthy way.
Price: $27.90
On Sale For: $25.11
Octopus Sword Cane
A chameleon of the sea hiding in plain sight from its predators, the octopus makes the perfect accent for this concealed weapon. The Octopus Sword Cane features a gorgeous cast octopus at the top of its rigid, carbon fiber shaft.
Price: $479.00
On Her Majestys Service Sword Cane
Before the SIS, there were still many defenders in the service of Her Majesty and the crown. The On Her Majestys Service Sword Cane is a clandestine piece that would have been carried by Queen Victorias secret bodyguards.
Price: $169.00
Phantom Sword Cane
Walking through the streets at night, hiding in the shadows. With you, everything is nefarious, from your agenda to your hairstyle. You can add some sinister secrecy to your walking stick, too, with the Phantom Sword Cane.
Price: $119.00
Pirate Skull Sword Cane
Choosing a life upon the Seven Seas does not mean a buccaneer does not seek to follow the latest fashion trends. The Pirate Skull Sword Cane looks just as fetching in the hands of a seafarer as it does with the genteel landlubber.
Price: $27.90
On Sale For: $25.11
Pistol Grip Sword Cane by Cold Steel
Few weapons can be put into action quicker than sword canes. A firm tug on the handle and the blade is in your hand ready to use! The Pistol Grip Sword Cane is a light and balanced sword cane that is very easy to carry and use.
Price: $240.00
On Sale For: $192.00
Quick Draw Sword Cane by Cold Steel
The Quick Draw Sword Cane is a dapper and discreet self defense weapon that hides in plain sight until you need it. This sword cane features a lightweight black aluminum shaft and a durable rubber ferrule tip that aids in traction.
Price: $70.00
On Sale For: $56.00
Scorched Black Sword Cane
An enemy can strike at any moment, so a gentleman must be prepared even when he is dressed in his best attire! Arm yourself with the Scorched Black Sword Cane to prove ready for whatever situation may arise when you least expect it!
Price: $123.00
Scorched Burgundy Sword Cane
Gentlemen know that getting your hands dirty can be unavoidable, especially if it means defending your honor. With the Scorched Burgundy Sword Cane, you can be prepared for the worst case scenario without diminishing classy style.
Price: $123.00
Scorched Cherry Sword Cane
Being prepared is a gentlemans duty. Whether it be for better or worse, he must always be on his guard. Be alert for the worst kind possibilities with the Scorched Cherry Sword Cane, the stylish accent with piercing character!
Price: $123.00
Silver Cobra Sword Cane
Serpents can be deceptive creatures, as they lie in wait harboring a bite that can bring down almost anything. This Silver Cobra Sword Cane embodies that notion, its attractive form hiding a blade for use in personal defense.
Price: $17.50
On Sale For: $15.75
Silver Dragon Sword Cane
What gentleman or lady could not use a good swagger stick as a part of their attire? This Silver Dragon Sword Cane is more than meets the eye, as its impressive style hides away a handy blade, one that is perfect for self-defense.
Price: $17.50
On Sale For: $15.75
Skull Cane with Spike
A symbol of mortality, the skull serves as a warning and reminder of the inevitable fate of the living. The Skull Cane with Spike empowers its owner to influence destiny by warding off any who would bring about a too soon end.
Price: $479.00
Skull Sword Cane
Our Skull and Bird Dog Sword Canes are beautifully crafted, making either a sight to see. The fiberglass shaft of the Skull Cane allows for a slim profile, while the rosewood shaft of the Bird Dog cane makes for a classic appearance.
Price: $190.00
Steampunk Brass Skull Sword Cane
A weathered skull has been refit with gears, pipes, and fittings to give it a new life. The Steampunk Brass Skull Sword Cane displays a miniature human skull atop a walking stick that conceals a stainless steel blade for self-defense.
Price: $27.90
On Sale For: $25.11
Tactical Sword Cane
What this sword cane lacks in subtlety it makes up for in its effectiveness. Concealed within its sturdy nylon fiber shaft is a blade made of SK5 carbon steel, and the black coat of the blade lend this weapon its tactical look.
Price: $217.00
Vorthelok Forged Damascus Sword Cane
Step into the Swords of the Ancients universe with the Vorthelok Forged Damascus Sword Cane. The 1045 steel sword unlocks from the wooden cane shaft with the push of a button hidden in the cast metal fitting of the pommel.
Price: $292.00
Vorthelok Forged Sword Cane
From the mind of Kit Rae comes the Vorthelok Forged Sword Cane based on the sword of the same name. The 1045 carbon steel sword unlocks from the wooden cane shaft with the push of a button hidden in the cast metal fitting of the pommel.
Price: $220.00

"I just received the medieval helmet and breastplate that I ordered for the Medieval studies program here at the school where I teach. 'I am very impressed with the quality of the replicas - they are beautifully crafted and far exceed my expectations. I also was very impressed at the speed of delivery and the conscientious packaging. I will certainly order from them and recommend it to anyone looking for high quality period replicas and costumes."

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