Dragontail Cane Sword


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The last time you saw a sword cane like this was in a movie. Our Dragontail Cane Sword is designed to inspire shock and awe with its two-toned gold and silver dragon knob. This dual-purpose cane can double as a sword for self-defense.

The metal walking stick is incredibly sleek and well designed, and it only gets better when you reveal the short blade within. The dragon is wrapped around the top of the cane as if perched on a narrow ledge and its grooved tale and etched scales serve as the handle youll grasp. A rubber toe makes this a functional cane for getting around.

Provided you want to leave an impression on those around you with this piece, our dragon sword cane also functions as a perfect display item. Dont let movie villains have all the fun, strut around with this unique sword cane and turn some heads.

Key Features:

  • A Dragontail Cane Sword with a short hidden blade
  • Sword cane features a decorative gold and silver dragon handle
  • Has an aluminum metal shaft that is durable and stable
  • Rubber toe provides traction for walking
  • The hidden blade design is great for self-defense
  • An incredible display piece or costume accessory


  • Includes a stainless steel blade
  • Includes a metal cane shaft


  • Overall Length: 36 Inches
  • Sword Length: 12 Inches


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