RFB Choppa LARP Sword

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Just like the cruel, unforgiving wasteland in which it was made, the RFB Choppa LARP Sword shows no mercy to the weak. Those who fall under its blade never live to repeat the mistake of taking on whoever wields this Orcish weapon. This rugged LARP hybrid weapon is made from a closed cell foam with a fiberglass core and a latex coating. A strong Kevlar tip protects the fiberglass core and adds extra strength to the weapon. The blade of this weapon has been made to resemble scarred iron that has been lashed to a wooden handle with leather. The highly detailed handle of this LARP sword is made from a cast polyurethane foam that is more durable and will last longer than regular foam. This Ready for Battle weapon is perfect for both LARP and cosplay outfits, and will bring a savage flair to whatever you pair it with!

The RFB Choppa LARP Sword has an overall length of 29.5 inches. Please be aware that this measurement can vary slightly, as it is a hand-made item.

Latex weapons do need to be maintained to a certain degree. We offer a Maintenance Silicone (MCI-2000) that can be purchased separately in the LARP Accessories section. We recommend that you use this silicone on a regular basis. It is an easy, spray on application, and it will keep the coating flexible, which will make the weapon last much longer. The maintenance silicone also protects to the coating from drying out, and helps the weapon resist general wear and tear from normal use.

Key Features:

  • A quality weapon for an affordable price
  • Closed cell foam is durable and shred resistant
  • Features a flexible fiberglass core
  • Core is protected by a strong Kevlar tip


  • Blade is made from closed cell foam
  • Handle is cast from polyurethane
  • Core is made of fiberglass
  • Finished with a latex coating

Care Instructions:

  • Use Maintenance Silicone to ensure long weapon life and durability


  • Overall Length: 29.5 Inches
  • Grip Length: 4.7 Inches
  • Blade Length: 22.4 Inches
  • Blade Width: 3.5 Inches
  • Grip Circumference: 3.5 Inches
  • Measurements are approximate

2 reviews for RFB Choppa LARP Sword

  1. jakebova (verified owner)

    Gorgeous piece. I’m surprised by how well balanced and how soft this thing hits. I highly recommend it for anyone trying to quickly outfit a chaotic/beastial character!

  2. jakebova (verified owner)

    Big fan of the RFB Choppa.

    It’s a decent length, coming in at just under 30″. For your average fighter this piece pairs perfectly with a shield or duel weapon.

    The hit is extremely comfortable too. You can really turn up the heat on the swings with how cushiony this sword feels.

    It’s also incredibly light and well balanced. The lack of pommel forced me to focus on my grip and I had no problems swiftly maneuvering it.

    The only downside is the latex used in the piece. If you or your opponent has a latex allergy I’d say move on.

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