Ready For Battle by Epic Armoury

Whether you are just starting your adventure into the world of LARP or you are looking for a classic foam latex blade to rely on in any fight, the Ready For Battle collection by Epic Armoury has something for you. Also known as RFB, the Ready For Battle line of products favors classic and versatile designs that are economically priced, making them essential for beginners and great LARP weapons in the arsenals of experienced warriors, too. Timeless in their style and make, our Ready For Battle LARP weapons are for the most part made of latex-coated foam, and we offer some RFB latex-hybrid weapons as well. Ready For Battle spans the eras of history and fantasy as well, so you are sure to find something to suit your unique LARP persona here. Whether you are a battle-hardened LARP warrior or just now getting in on the fun, shop medieval-themed LARP swords and shields, RFB pirate LARP cutlasses, LARP daggers, LARP elven blades, and much more here.


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