Deluxe RFB Bow – Black, Medium


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Replacement String for RFB or Squire Bows - Medium Size

If you see any signs of wear, it is best to replace the string as soon as possible to avoid the string from snapping when shooting. This replacement string is meant to be used with the Medium Ready for Battle Bows and Medium Squire Bows.

The Deluxe RFB Bow in Black, Medium is ideal for LARP archery or safe archery practice. This black LARP bow is made of fiberglass and has been textured to look like wood. Suede leather with lace-up detail reinforces its grip. This medium LARP bow pulls at about 26 pounds at 28 inches and is easy to string, no bow stringer required. It also includes one Dacron bowstring for convenience. This versatile Ready for Battle bow is ideal for medieval and fantasy settings both.

Key Features:

  • Includes a bowstring
  • Grip is reinforced with wrapping
  • Easy to string, does not require a bow stringer
  • 24-26 lb. draw weight at 28 inch draw length
  • Great for LARP, archery practice, and more


  • Made of fiberglass
  • Handle is wrapped with suede leather
  • Bow string is made of Dacron

Care Instructions:

  • Keep bow unstrung when not in use
  • Store the bow horizontally to protect the tips
  • Do not leave in sun for long periods of time
  • Never release the string without firing an arrow


  • Unstrung: 51 Inches Long
  • Strung: 46 Inches Long

Measurements are approximate.


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