LARP is gaining ground in the USA and is becoming more and more popular with time. Some games may not have been introduced to LARP Archery or maybe have not tried it yet. Our LARP Bows can be a fun addition to any game and introduce new plots or possibilities making the overall experience for players very nice. Most of the LARP bows are made of fiberglass, some are covered in suede and some even have real wood tips. These LARP bows feature a low draw weight of 24-26 pounds which is the perfect draw weight for gaming. They will shoot our LARP arrows very nicely and are quite safe when used responsibly. There is little to no maintenance with fiberglass LARP bows, and if you’re not really into LARPing, but like the look of these bows, you can still use them for regular target shooting. They’ll work fine with our traditional arrows as well.


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