Crusader Upper Leg Padding


The Crusader upper leg padding provides padding to the upper leg or thigh area that laces up in the back of the leg for adjustability. The Crusader upper leg has a re-enforced knee made of leather to give the padding strength when kneeling to prevent damage to the knee or tearing of the pad. The padded Crusader leg protection comes in three sizes and is provided with laces to the belt.

Made by GDFB

Key Features:

  • Adjustable In Back Of Leg
  • Ties To Belt
  • Re-enforced Leather Knee
  • Medieval Padding To Thigh Area

Overall Length Circumference
Large 22.25 inches 26-29 inches
X-Large 22.25 inches 27-30 inches
XX-Large 22.25 inches 28-32 inches


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