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In the realm of historical reenactment and fantasy attire, the right accessories are not just about aesthetics—they are about authenticity, comfort, and versatility. Enter the Padded Arming Belt, arming wear that stands as a testament to both functionality and style.

Made from cotton-linen, this padded arming belt offers comfort and durability. Its breathable fabric ensures you stay comfortable, whether you are storming the battlefield or traversing the medieval marketplace. Designed with the discerning reenactor in mind, it perfectly balances historical accuracy with wearable practicality.

Versatile by Design

The Padded Arming Belt comes in five distinct sizes, fitting a range of warriors, no matter if they are playing the role of a robust knight or a swift mercenary. The design promises a snug, comfortable fit that accentuates your medieval silhouette, all while providing the support and flexibility needed for your most dynamic movements.

Perhaps the most compelling feature of the Padded Arming Belt is its ingenious design tailored for lacing to other pieces, such as the Medieval Padded Chausses (ZG-1103) or various accessories. This design choice opens up a realm of possibilities, allowing you to customize and interchange parts of your ensemble with ease. Though laces do not come included, this decision is intentional, offering you the freedom to choose lacing that perfectly complements your look and meets your specific needs.

A Canvas for Creativity

The Padded Arming Belt is more than just a piece of attire; it is a canvas for your creativity. Its versatility in outfit combinations makes it an invaluable addition to any historical reenactor or fantasy enthusiasts wardrobe. Whether you are portraying a noble knight, a cunning mercenary, or any character in between, this belt not only supports your characters aesthetic but also adds a layer of authenticity and depth to your portrayal.

In summary, the Padded Arming Belt is a vital accessory that brings together comfort, authenticity, and versatility. It is designed for the enthusiasts who value historical accuracy, demand high-quality materials, and cherish the freedom to customize their look. Make it a staple of your arming wear collection and redefine your reenactment and fantasy attire with a piece that echoes the pasts splendor while catering to modern demands for comfort and style.

Key Features:

  • Size Variability: Available in five different sizes to accommodate a broad range of warriors.
  • Customization-Friendly Design: Features a lacing system that allows for easy attachment to other pieces, enhancing versatility and enabling a tailored look to suit individual styles.
  • Historical Authenticity: Crafted to reflect the aesthetics and functionality of medieval arming wear, perfect for reenactors seeking authenticity.
  • Material Excellence: Constructed from cotton-linen for breathability and durability, ensuring comfort through long periods of wear.
  • Versatile Styling: Acts as a canvas for creativity, allowing wearers to experiment with various outfit combinations, thereby increasing its utility across different characters and time periods.


  • Handmade from cotton-linen

Care Instructions:

  • Handwashing this item is recommended. Do not dry in the dryer. Do not bleach.
Overall Length
Medium33.5 inches
Large37.4 inches
X-Large41.3 inches
XX-Large45.3 inches
XXX-Large49.2 inches


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