Leopold Thigh Padding



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Staying mobile in battle is critical, which makes leg protection like the Leopold Thigh Padding an essential piece of your re-enactment gear. The arming wear offers increased comfort when fighting, making it easier to wear full leg guards for longer periods of time. The thigh padding is ideal for any warrior wearing plate or chainmail armour, helping to prevent chafing and pinching as you move. The canvas padded legs attach with laces. The padded thighs are stitched in a linear design to keep the padding in place. This armour padding comes in black or brown.

Please be aware that the Leopold Thigh Padding does not include the belt. It is shown above to demonstrate how the thigh padding attaches to a gambeson or belt with grommets.

Please note that colors may vary slightly from what is pictured.

Key Features:

  • Available in black or brown
  • Perfect for wearing with chainmail or plate armour
  • Includes laces to attach to gambeson or belt
  • Excellent medieval arming wear


  • Made from canvas and polyester

Overall Length Thickness
One Size 22 inches 0.25 inch


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