Chinese Sea Wave Gim by Cold Steel

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With the Chinese Sea Wave Gim by Cold Steel in hand, you feel prepared to take on any enemies that you face on the battlefield. Made from Damascus steel, this functional sword features a double-edged blade. The heat-treated, spring-tempered blade has a central ridge along its length. Its hard spring temper helps the blade resist metal fatigue and return to true, even during battle.

The Chinese sword continues with a crossguard. A golden pattern wraps around the black enameled guard. The tall guard has round sides.

Then, the hilt features a rosewood grip. Brown silk cord wraps around the grip. Near the end of the grip, there is a golden accent that marks the start of a tassel. The silk from the grip wrap forms a knotwork cord that ends with two light-brown tassels. Then, the hilt ends with a round pommel. The same black and gold pattern from the guard adorns the pommel.

Finally, this warrior sword comes with a rosewood scabbard. All of the fittings have the black and gold design. Below the throat, there are a pair of rings. The two rings have an attached cord loop for hanging the scabbard from a belt, not included. The Chinese Sea Wave Gim is a great companion for any warrior at a historical reenactment.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Features a black and gold motif
  • Has a tassel accent
  • Comes with a scabbard
  • Great for reenactments


  • Made from Damascus steel
  • Grip and scabbard are rosewood
  • Grip wrap is silk

Measurements are approximate

Overall Length:Blade Length: Handle Length:Blade Thickness:Weight:
37.25 Inches28.5 Inches8 Inches0.2 Inch2 Pounds 1.4 Ounces


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