Oriental Swords Knives & Pole Weapons

Oriental weapons possess many unique looks that stand out from their Western counterparts. We carry a wide assortment of Miscellaneous Oriental Swords and other functional Oriental weapons that are fantastic for collectors and weapons enthusiasts. These Oriental blades and weapons include a range of non-traditional swords, Oriental pole weapons, and samurai and ninja weapons such as naginata, kama, dadao, O Dachi swords, shuriken, sai, yari, Chinese broadswords, jie dao, and more. Fans of Japanese and Chinese weapon designs are sure to find pieces of interest in this category. These samurai swords, monk weapons, and ninja dueling blades make fun interest pieces to show off to friends and family. Our martial arts competition swords and other Oriental weapons also work as functional tools for those interested in learning how to wield them. Take a moment to browse, and you can find a range of items to pique your interest.


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