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Fearsome warrior, face your enemies on the battlefield. You do not fear them when you wield the mighty Nagi-Gatana Sword against them. It is worthy of many samurai warriors.

Sword Construction

This impressive Japanese sword has a clay-tempered, T10 high-carbon steel blade. The hand-forged blade has a curved edge, typical of Japanese swords. On the functional blade, there is a visible temper-line, or hamon.

Down a third of the blade, there is a pair of fullers, or bo-hi. These fullers run along the spine of the blade. One of the fullers is wider than the other. In addition, the blade has a unokubi-zukuri shaped cross-section, making it lighter and easier to wield without sacrificing strength and durability.

Compared to the blade on a katana, this mighty sword has a shorter and wider blade. The curvature helps to extend the cutting edge without extending the blade. Overall, the blade is heavy yet well-balanced to maximize its cutting power.

Next, the impressive sword has a brass blade collar, or habaki, before the antiqued cross-guard, or tsuba. The sword continues with a long, two-handed handle, or tsuka. The handle is shorter than the one on a naginata but still quite extensive for a sword. Brown silk wraps around the cream-colored samegawa rayskin on the grip. Visible through the traditional wrapping is a naginata menuki. The hilt ends with an iron pommel, or kashira.

Companion Items for the Nagi-Gatana

This sword comes with a scabbard, sword bag, and a numbered certificate. The scabbard, or saya, is custom-fitted by hand to the sword. No other sword will fit the scabbard. It is hardwood with a light-brown stain. It has a gold-dotted black silk wrapping at the top with buffalo horn fittings. This sword is an excellent addition to any Japanese sword collection or battlefield gear. It truly looks best on display, impressing all who see it. Of course, when you are not taking it into battle, put the Nagi-Gatana Sword on a display stand or keep it sharp with some sword maintenance supplies.

Historical Info

This weapon combines two magnificent Japanese weapons, the katana and the naginata. The naginata was a long polearm, used by the samurai class as well as by ashigaru, sohei, and onna-musha. The ashigaru were foot soldiers, the sohei were warrior monks, and the onna-musha were warrior women who fought alongside the samurai. This polearm is similar to the European weapon of the glaive and the Chinese guan dao. It had a long tang and was around 6.75 to 8.5 feet tall.

Meanwhile, the katana developed after the tachi, a previous sword wielded by the samurai. It was used for close combat during the Sengoku period, which was during the late Middle Ages in Europe. Later on, it also used as a weapon during the Edo period.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Highly detailed
  • Combined the designs of katanas and naginatas
  • Comes with a fitted scabbard, sword bag, and certificate
  • Ideal for reenactments and collections


  • Blade is T10 high-carbon steel
  • Blade collar is brass
  • Pommel is iron
  • Handle wrapping is silk and ray skin
  • Scabbard is wood with buffalo horn fittings

Overall LengthBlade LengthHandle LengthBlade WidthBlade ThicknessWeight
One Size41.7 inches27.1 inches14.2 inches1.3-1.5 inches0.13-0.3 inches3 pounds 1.3 ounces


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