Alex Gugel


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Looking for a unique yet versatile piece of headwear to wear with your medieval or fantasy outfit? Make sure to check out the Alex Gugel. Made from 100 percent cotton, this gugel comes in three colors and sizes. It features a rough texture. Its wide brim covers the shoulders and the upper chest. The sides taper inwards towards the bottom, creating an angular shape. Meanwhile, the hood of the gugel has a structured tube-like brim. This creates a standing collar when the hood is down and a distinctive silhouette when it is up. With its unique design, the Alex Gugel looks fantastic at LARP events, Renaissance faires, and cosplay conventions.

Key Features:

  • Available in three color options
  • Comes in three sizes
  • Unique hood shape
  • Versatile design
  • Ideal for roleplaying and reenacting


  • Made from 100 percent cotton

Hood HeightHood DepthFront LengthBack LengthMax Head Circumference
Small22.8 inches
Medium13.5 inches16.5 inches9 inches10.5 inches24.4 inches
Large24.4 inches


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