Men's Peasant Clothing

Not everyone in the Middle Ages was royalty. Most people that existed in the Medieval period were peasants. Considered to be the lowest class of the medieval society, the peasants were the poorest people of the medieval period. But that does not mean their roles were not important. As peasants made up some 85 percent of medieval people in feudal societies, their livelihoods and character types were quite diverse. Peasant families lived primarily in the countryside or small villages where they worked the land for food and other resources. Given the nature of their livelihood and social standing, medieval clothing for peasants were modest and unembellished. Early medieval clothing was typically made from coarse wool and hemp cloth. They wore stockings or tunics. sheepskin cloaks and woolen hats. Their boots were made of leather with wooden soles.

Shop medieval peasant clothing at Dark Knight Armoury

At Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a wide range of styles specifically for mens medieval peasant clothing, and much of it is versatile enough to work for most any look. Shop peasant tunics, lace-up shirts, canvas peasant jerkins, and mens peasant pants here that can help form the base of an incredible range of medieval, Renaissance, or even fantasy looks. Perfect for larps and medieval history re enactments, these Medieval peasant costumes will help you tell the story in character. Shop here for all our mens historical clothing fit for medieval peasants.


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