Faire Starter Kit


RFB Knights Battle Arm Bracers

Aaron Canvas Cloak

Peasants Medieval Ring Belt

Small Knights Pouch

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Do you want to get dressed for a Renaissance faire, but do not know where to start? Be sure to check out the Faire Starter Kit to begin your journey. To begin with, this package includes a cloak, belt, bag, and a pair of bracers. All of items come in multiple color options. In fact, the belt allows you to choose the color, size, and hardware color as well in order to match your particular taste. Meanwhile, the cloak comes in a wide range of colors.

With these pieces, you can create an outfit to help you fit right in at any Ren faire. Best of all, you will save 5% on the whole look! Become any number of medieval or fantasy characters by slipping on the Faire Starter Kit.

Key Features:

  • Includes cloak, bracers, belt, and pouch
  • Save 5% on entire set
  • Multiple color combos available
  • Great for a variety of characters
  • Ideal for Ren faires and medieval-themed events

Sizing And Measurements:

  • RFB Knights Battle Arm Bracers :
    • Wrist: 6.25 Inches
    • Forearm: 8.25 Inches
    • Length: 8.5 Inches
  • Aaron Canvas Cloak:
    • Overall Length: 55 Inches (Shoulder to Hem)
    • Shoulder Width: 22 Inches
    • Hood Height: 15 Inches
    • Hood Depth: 13.25 Inches
  • Peasants Medieval Ring Belt:
    • To secure the ring belt you must tie a knot through the ring, the knot generally takes up about 12-15 Inches of the leather. Keep this in mind when selecting the length, as you do not want the Ring Belt to be too short after the knot is tied. Our Ring Belts are available in 63 Inches and 71 Inches long.
  • Small Knights Pouch:
    • Height: 4.5 Inches
    • Width: 6 Inches
    • Depth: 2.5 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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