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The Landsknecht were a group of German soldiers-for-hire who dressed in vibrant colors and wielded pikes or lances. The Landsknecht Pants keep true to the style and color of these soldiers, offering you a true medieval experience. This garment, which extends from the waist to just past the knee, features wide, vertical red and black stripes, the signature color of the Landsknecht. Its thighs are baggy, allowing for freedom of movement, and the fact that they do not touch the calves means that the legs are free to move unhindered. At the knees, the cuffs of these pants can be tightened for a snug, comfortable fit via lattice lacework along their sides. The Landsknecht Pants make the perfect piece of clothing for Renaissance fairs and medieval reenactments, particularly for people who wish to accentuate their German heritage.

Key Features:

  • Inspired by the colorful pants worn by medieval Landsknecht mercenaries
  • Fit loosely around the thighs, allowing for comfortability and ease of movement
  • Lacework along the cuff at the knee allows for adjustability
  • Feature a stylish red and black striped pattern
  • Perfect for Renaissance fairs and medieval reenactments


  • Made from 100% cotton


  • Small: Waist – 33.5-37.4 Inches
  • Medium: Waist – 37.4-43.3 Inches
  • Large: Waist – 39.8-45.3 Inches
  • X-Large: Waist – 44.5-47.2 Inches
  • XX-Large: Waist – 49.2-51.2 Inches
  • XXX-Large: Waist – 53.1 Inches


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