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Submerge yourself in the world of knights and tales of valor with the 13th Century Gambeson. This arming wear is more than just a garment; it is a passport to the past, enabling you to embody the spirit of the chivalrous warriors of yesteryears during historical reenactments, LARP events, cosplaying activities, and theatrical productions.

Tailored for Comfort and Style

The gambeson comes in an array of six sizes and is available in two classic colors, ensuring that you find the perfect fit to complement your preferred style. It features elegant vertical quilting that not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also its durability and comfort. The short standing collar, adorned with a discreet side button, adds a touch of sophistication while facilitating ease of wear by sliding easily over the head.

Designed with the wearer in mind, this gambeson boasts long sleeves with gussets at the armpits, ensuring unencumbered mobility, which is crucial during reenactments or combative scenes in theater. The practicality extends to the lower hem, where slits are incorporated to allow for greater freedom of movement, mimicking the agility required of 13th-century knights.

Drawing inspiration from original 13th-century designs, this gambeson not only suits a variety of characters but also stands as a testament to the commitment to historical accuracy and quality.

Made entirely from 100% cotton, it promises comfort and breathability, making it ideal for day-long events or performances. Whether you are storming the battlefield, showcasing at a convention, or starring on stage, this gambeson will ensure you do so with authenticity and style.

This medieval arming wear allows you to fully immerse yourself in your role with confidence and authenticity. Don the 13th Century Gambeson, and step into the world of medieval adventure and heroism with a garment built for historical luminaries.

Key Features:

  • Size Variety: Available in six different sizes to ensure a perfect fit for every body type.
  • Color Options: Comes in two classic colors, allowing for personal style preference.
  • Elegant Design: Features an elegant vertical quilting that enhances both the garments style and durability.
  • Historical Accuracy: Inspired by original 13th-century designs, offering authenticity for reenactments and performances.
  • Greater Mobility: Designed with slits at the lower hem to increase freedom of movement, simulating the agility of medieval knights.
  • Universal Appeal: Suitable for a wide range of characters and activities, including historical reenactments, LARP, cosplay, and theater productions.


  • Handmade from 100% cotton

Care Instructions:

  • Handwashing this item is recommended. Do not dry in the dryer. Do not bleach.


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