For when you’ve got to reach out and touch someone… from behind a fully functional shield wall!

The Medieval Halberd was an effective weapon during the Medieval Era. Skilled soldiers on the ground could easily take down their opponents on horseback using halberds or related polearms, making them ideal weapons for resisting cavalry charges. A phalanx of halberdiers were a terror on the battlefield, a bristling formation of long, spiked steel weapons that could form an impenetrable defense against horsemen and infantry alike. 

Halberds typically consist of a long wooden pole with a steel axe head mounted on the top. Each axe head consists of three specific parts. There is the cutting surface of the axe head itself, an axe blade designed for slicing through unarmored opponents; the sharpened steel spike on the end of the pole for thrusting, puncturing armor, and repelling charges, and the hook of the halberd for taking down armed opponents on horseback as they rode by. It was like three weapons in one – a spear, a hook, and an axe head – each of which was effective on its own but together making a pole weapon that was formidable on its own. When combined in formation with a stout line of shield-wielding infantrymen, the halberd became a weapon that easily decided victories in its favor

We have a great line of functional Medieval halberds for your re-enacting needs, whether you participate in the SCA or Stage Combat. Our pole weapon selection includes more than just the traditional European halberd weapon design as well – we have similar and related pole weapon designs in the form of bills, glaives, voulges, scythes, pole axes, and more. We also offer steel pole blade weapons from the Far East as well, such as the fearsome Japanese naginata, a samurai halberd nearly as iconic as the fabled katana.

Whether you’re looking for a halberd or any other pole weapons, we’re your one-stop-shop here at Dark Knight Armoury! Each halberd blade we offer is made from the highest grade steel to ensure the weapon is both sturdy and beautiful. Each pole is routinely made from wood, with the steel axe head of the halberd securely fastened at one end. In addition to battle-ready blade collection, we offer a line of decorative halberds for theater productions, stage props, or for display at home.

We’re so much more than halberd and axe blade purveyors, though. If you’re looking for other traditional historical replicas of Medieval weapons and armor, clothing and garb, accessories, jewelry, decor, furniture, or anything else, Dark Knight Armoury has you covered. So what are you waiting for? Come browse our massive selection today!


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