Palnatoke LARP Swords & Weapons

Palnatoke began with a man’s humble drive to do LARP weapons better than anyone else. And in the years that followed, these weapons evolved into what you see here – incredibly detailed and durable pieces that today are among the finest LARP weapons available. And best of all, they are offered to you at a fine price so that you can have the best without a premium price tag. Each and every Palnatoke weapon is made from a multi-layered foam material that provides incredible durability, while also remaining LARP tested and approved. They have considerable spring thanks to a carbon fiber core, and their attention to detail and balance all make them a realistic alternative for any Live Action Roleplay warrior to own and wield. They are offered in a variety of sizes, and most models come in either a sword or longsword variety, with longswords being longer in length. And the designs vary too, allowing you pick up replicas of classic arming swords, straight-edged Celtic battle blades, Viking swords, and even a few Oriental models worthy of martial artists, ninja, and samurai! LARP daggers and short swords designed for youth wielders round out the category. As they say at Palnatoke, It is not just a sword – it is a lifestyle.

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