Knight Statues & Collectibles

Here in our assortment of knight statues and collectibles, you will find, essentially, all of our items that feature a distinctive knightly style. Our knight statues, medieval knight decor, and knight collectibles are ideal for showing off true knightly style in your castle or medieval abode. Knights, for better or worse, are an irrevocable part of the medieval era. Children are raised on stories of their valor, even now, and dream of the days of fantasy when knights would slay evil sorcerers and foul dragons. Real knights hardly hunted beasts of legend, but forged legends of their own as skilled fighters of their times, ones that adhered to codes of chivalry, honor, and other values that are easily forgotten on the field of battle. In homage this warrior, all of our knightly items have the utmost detail possible, ensuring that every little ridge and line of their armor is properly rendered, whether you are looking at a full-sized statue, a little shelf miniature, or even a piece of one of our knightly chess sets. Of course, knights were known as mounted warriors, so we offer statues of knights that are both mounted on horseback and standing on foot. We also offer some of the most famous knights of all time in the form of our Knights of the Round Table sets. Even as battle-hardened warriors in full armor, there is something artistic about these knights, and thus, they make great additions to any room that might need a touch of knightly valor and style. Our larger knight statues are great centerpieces to have if you are looking to add medieval style to your home in a big way.

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