Miniature Suits of Armour

At first glance, you might look at any one of our miniature suits of armour here and ask what makes it different from any other statue. Well, a lot of things make our miniature medieval armour suits different, although key among them is that many are not actually statues of knights themselves, but rather are scaled replicas of suits of armour. What this means is that, detail for detail and point for point, these decorative armour sets perfectly recreate the look of a traditional medieval warriors armour as accurately as is possible. Many are crafted in quality metals and are made to be articulated, which means that their arms move and can be positioned in a variety of poses. They come in a variety of styles, ranging from simple looks that feature two-toned armor or shining armor, to more ornate knights that feature engraved armour or decoratively embossed armour. These scale models are a bit larger than your average statue, which means that they have a greater presence, no matter if they are placed on a shelf, table, or even set on the floor. So if you want a realistic knight in your home but also want something that is a bit more space conscientious, then perhaps you should consider one of our miniature suits of armour. They are smaller than full suits of armour but possess all of the detail and are also less expensive, which makes them a great compromise when you are working on a budget or with limited space.


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