Steel Miniature Suit of Armour


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Beautifully replicating medieval Milanese armour styling, the Steel Miniature Suit of Armour is a fantastic decorative piece that includes a replica gisarmes and heater shield to complement the full suit of armour. The Milanese influence is clearly distinguishable in this statue due to the use of smooth undecorated steel plates. Clutched in the right gauntlet is a scale model polearm with a uniquely shaped head that features a hook and two spikes. A heater style shield is attached to the left arm, displaying the same metallic finish as the suit of armour. Bringing color to this decoration are lavish feather plumes that attach to the helmet and a fabric fringe that adorns the gisarmes. This armour set is displayed standing at attention upon a square black plinth. Accent your home with the eye-catching extravagance of the Steel Miniature Suit of Armour.

Key Features:

  • Decorative suit of armour with shield and gisarmes
  • Armour is crafted from steel
  • Emulates a Milanese styling
  • Made in Italy
  • Wonderful piece of medieval decor


  • Height: 21.25 Inches


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