Knight on Horseback Statues

If you want a statue of a knight as he truly would have appeared on the field of battle or in a jousting tournament, then look no further than our knight on horseback statues. These horseback knight statues depict these medieval warriors as they sit on the backs of mighty mounts, looking quite impressive and intimidating. Of course, intimidating is only one of the words that might describe a fully armored and armed knight as he sits atop a massive warhorse, ready to ride and bring ruin to his enemies. The value of a mounted knight cannot be understated, as the mobility and power of a horse could make a single warrior difficult to defeat, especially if given the room to charge and circle about. These valiant knight statues are quite the impressive sight, possessing an absolutely amazing level of detail, and not just on the knights themselves. Their armor is, of course, brilliantly represented, showing off all the flukes, ridges, and designs that would have been common on knightly plate armor. Even more detail is apparent when you take the knight and the horse together, as the warhorses of many of these statues look as good and as decorated as the knights, if not more so. Together, even the smallest mounted knight statue is stunning, and the larger ones are brilliant pieces that make fantastic centerpieces in any decor, display, or collection. Whether you are a collector and a hobbyist by nature or a medieval enthusiast, you can bet that one of our knight on horseback statues will be a great piece to include in your collection or decor.


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