Pewter Knight Statues

Whether you are seeking a solid pewter sculpture or a miniature medieval figurine, all of our pewter knight statues are impressive pieces to add to your collections or home decor. We carry pewter sculptures based on actual historical medieval and Renaissance documents and findings. Our medieval pewter sculptures include medieval knights, English archers, Highlanders, Templar knights, and Hospitaller knights, to name a few. Our pewter miniatures are often made of cast pewter, and they are typically based on important figures in medieval history or specific warrior classes, often depicted wearing full suits of armour, chainmail, armour, medieval clothing, and holding medieval weapons and shields. These miniature pewter knights are very affordable and make delightful little collectibles or minute display pieces that will fit into any decor. No matter whether you are searching for a truly impressive pure pewter sculpture or a small medieval desk accent, you are sure to find a fine piece of medieval history and culture in our pewter knight statues category.


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