Zombie Themed LARP Weapons

We pride ourselves on providing the widest assortment of role-playing weaponry possible, including pieces to fend off zombie attacks. In our zombie LARP weapons category, you will be able to find conventional role-playing weapons like LARP swords, LARP shields, LARP knives, LARP staves, and LARP axes. What makes this category so special, though, are the pieces of LARP gear that feature distinctive post-apocalyptic flair, such as our Dark Moon collection. These modern LARP weapons include LARP bricks, LARP crowbars, LARP baseball bats, LARP wrenches, and other improvised weapons that might be used in an emergency. Our LARP cleavers, LARP sledgehammers, and LARP grenades will ensure that you can fight off even the hungriest zombie horde. These LARP weapons are crafted from heavy duty foam and fiberglass cores that are durable, safe, and weather-resistant. If you are looking for the perfect weapon to wield during your next simulated battle against the undead, make sure to check out these zombie role-playing weapons here.


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