Viking Axes

Certain historical axes used by the Vikings are also called Danish axes, an early type of polearm. Viking axes are typically made light enough to withstand throwing and crafted with forged heads and hardened edges. Other Viking axes have relatively short cutting edges and are designed for punching through enemy armor or cleaving helms in close combat. The Viking axe was not only used for warfare, also serving as a tool on farms and for cutting timber for the Viking ships.

We carry many types of Norse axes, including Danish axes, Viking throwing axes, Mammen axes, bearded axes, and Francisca axes. We also offer Viking replica weapons inspired by the hit show following the life of the legendary Viking named Ragnar Lothbrok. Many of our Viking axes feature authentic designs and are fully functional for reenactments.

Shop at Dark Knight Armoury for the Best Viking Axes

If you are a LARPer or cosplayer looking for the perfect Viking axe to complete your costume, then you should check out our display at Dark Knight Armoury. We have an extensive selection of period-appropriate weapons and accessories that will surely add realism to the portrayal of your chosen Viking character. If you are going the DIY route on your props and weapons and you need axe parts, such as an axe head or a pole stave, we have those too. Browse our collection now!


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