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While flintlocks and blunderbusses might misfire or fail to go off, there is no such danger with a trusty pirate sword or dagger! We carry fantastic pirate cutlasses, pirate sabers, and pirate daggers inspired by those wielded during the Golden Age of Piracy. Our decorative and functional swords include boarding sabers, companion swords, pirate hangers, and other swashbuckler blades. Our buccaneer cutlasses often feature straight or slightly curved blades along with cupped or basket-shaped guards. Pirates blades were often used for intimidation as well as combat. And when it came to close combat, pirate daggers were a necessity. Our buccaneer daggers and captains daggers will suit collectors and reenactors alike with their high quality constructions and eye-catching details. Take a moment to browse through this category, as our pirate swords and daggers are great for reenactment, stage productions, display, and more.


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